"The Bowled and the Beautiful": Artwork for Ramen Kazama

Matthew Kazama is a force of nature. You may know him as the gregarious sushi chef at Fujiya, or as the tornado-haired drummer for Birthday Suits or WILD!!wing. For years he has been researching what it takes to make traditional Japanese ramen, eventually hosting a popular weekly ramen night at Fujiya. All of that adoration has thankfully gone to his head and emboldened him to start his own ramen shop on 34th and Nicollet in MPLS. I'm honored that he asked me to produce some paintings that show off his three signature ramen bowls. After working on it for the last half of summer I'm excited to announce that the artworks are done and last night I finally got to hang them on the wall. They look stunning. I'm so proud. Please do take a look.