ROGUE VALLEY - Seasons LP Artwork - November 2012

In 2011, local indie darlings, Rogue Valley, embarked on an ambitious project. They released a series of four c.d.'s. Each of the four c.d.'s was comprised of new material that correlated with a new change in season. At the end of it all, they pared down and compiled what they believed to be the best tracks of that year-long project. I was happy to do the art for this release.

For this project I did a complete water-color painting of a man in the woods. In each scene he is doing an activity according to what season it is. Winter/Hunting,  Spring/Making Syrup, Summer/Painting, Fall/Chopping Wood. 

The wheel was printed up and when placed behind a screen print image of the static inside of a cabin, allows the vinyl owner to rotate the wheel to produce a new seasonal view through a cutout window.