"WORKING TITLE"- Art Show @ CO Exhibitions-Jan & Feb 2012

*lifted from the CO Exhibitions Website*
For the entire run of WORKING TITLE, dozens of pieces of art will be passed around, communally embellished, tinkered with, and re-worked in CO's Northeast Minneapolis gallery space, as well as in the artists’ own studios. Each week for four weeks, a new opening reception will occur, and each week the artwork will change--fluctuating not only in style, concept, and number of contributors, but also in price, scale, and media. Pieces sold at any given opening will not be worked on further, remaining on display as they were at the time of purchase. Additionally, at each opening, surprise musical acts featuring artists known for their cooperative nature will provide live entertainment.

WORKING TITLE is a grand art experiment rooted in collaboration, concepted by partners and gallery co-owners Burlesque and Permanent, who founded the aptly titled "CO" Exhibitions in 2010 as an ever-evolving project space and artist incubator.

Featuring: Burlesque of North America Permanent Art & Design Group Michael Cina Rudy Fig Josh Journey-Heinz Aaron Bickner Jennifer Davis Carly Schoen Playatta Sara Syverhus Land Land Special Guests TBA throughout the installation

Added this chainmail organism to a Landland poster.

Added some cous cous and little piggies to this collaboration with Ben Lafond and Jen Davis
Jen Davis and I team up on this one

This creature appeared on a Mike Cina painting only to be later enhanced by Playatta.